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The Nutritracker Windows 7, 8 and 10 series is made up of the Nutritracker at $2.99 and you have all the functionality for creating and analyzing meals, diet plans, recipes and adding new foods, along with all the basics functionality for nutrient research, finding deficiency issues and foods with specific nutrients, and programming private RDA values. TheNutritionist at $19.99 is a professional version with support for 7 days 1-8 meals/day, (just like Nutritracker) of menus for multiple clients and the ability to email these to clients or family members.  There are Email features that make it easier and more efficient to use for multiple clients.




  • Almost 6,000 real foods in the USDA/Health Canada food database
  • Tracking over 40 nutrients, from Macros to Zinc
  • Instant Nutritional analysis on meals, includes macros pie chart
  • Create your own foods, like supplements of special shakes.
  • Create unlimited meal-menu items as a single item or include all the necessary foods and servings sizes to create a complete meal or recipe
  • Create any servings size from an existing one while creating menu-meal items.
  • 1-8 meals per day (Monday-Sunday) for each client
  • Daily Nutritional Analysis across all 1-8 meals
  • A Daily Average of total Nutritional intake across 1-8 meals over 7 days
  • Charting for Daily and Weekly analysis includes Macros via Grams and via Calories, potential nutrient deficiencies, amino acids intake, Nutritional Excess beyond Upper Limits
  • Private RDAs
  • Email menus and analysis charts to clients
  • Import and Export menu items within a community

This application has exactly what's needed to track Nutritional intake on over 40 nutrients. In this multi-cultured environment, menus or meals can be separated into various ethnic groups for more efficient meal planning and assignment for a diversified clientelle.


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