Nutritracker, A True Nutritionist

Totalizing Nutritional Content from Daily diets, What are you really getting... i.e. Nutrition wise.

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The Nutritracker series of applications for Windows (7,8 and 10), all provide excellent research for nutrients in foods. Even the $2.99 version has the USDA/Health Canada's Food and Nutrition database with almost 6,000 foods and over 40 nutrients tracked. TheNutritionist has easy to use views for finding foods with specific nutrients, designing nutritious meals and assignning meals to clients for the day and the week. There's a user Interface for building custom menus for up to 8 meals a day Monday through to Sunday. Along with this is a collection of cross references between various studies on nutrient deficiencies and health symptoms.

The Nutritracker and TheNutritionist allow you to add foods as well as build any custom menu,  diet plan, recipe from the food dabase and include it as a menu item in daily meal selection.These can also be separated into different ethnic diets for easily selection for multiple clients in TheNutritionist and Nutritracker. Nutritracker holds a 1-8 meals/day 7 day diet plan. TheNutritionionist does this for an unlimited number of clients and allows you to email nutritional analysis results and diet plans to the client. 

Easy to use with special features allows you to immediately see the analysis of any meal you design.



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